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 Sugarloaf Sunset

The Elephant Tongaporutu

Taranaki Tours is a whanau / family owned business providing fun and interesting experiences in Taranaki, on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

We help you have a great time in our area by providing tours that meet your interests.

Everyone who comes here to Taranaki must see our handsome volcano Mt Taranaki, also known as Mt Egmont. we will be happy to introduce you to him.

Your Maori Tour Guide is knowledgeable, friendly, humourous and will do his best to provide the best day out in New Zealand.

Taranaki is like no other place on earth- Discover it with us- we know it really well because we live here.

Mount Taranaki / Mt Egmont, 2518m or 8260ft, a stratovolcano with a near spherical cone, dominates the countryside and the weather patterns.

Steeped in maori mythology and history Mt Taranaki is a must visit when coming to Aotearoa / New Zealand.

With spectacular views, across Te Ika a Maui / North Island and towards Te Waipounamu / South Island, Mt Taranaki is central to the Egmont National Park home to more than 33000 hectares of pristine native rain forest in perfect condition. 

If you have all day to explore, or if you only a few hours available, we will do our best to offer a tour to meet your needs and interests.

The Tasman Sea, surrounds the province of Taranaki and provides consistent swells which wrap around the Taranaki coastline.

With more than 250 kilometres of coastline there will be a beach with great conditions for surfing, windsurfing, kite boarding or paddle boarding.

 Taranaki has excellent waves and plays host to world surfing, knee boarding and wind surfing championships here.

There are reef, beach and point breaks scattered right around the province with some rides up to a kilometre long. A real surfer's paradise. The diversity and actual number of surf breaks is truly extraordinary.

You will need a surf guide to help you find the best waves each day. Give us a call and we'll take you to uncrowded pumping waves.